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Shang Wenjie sings for Belgian king
Shang Wenjie sings for Belgian king in the world Expo hall which blossom in radiant splendor   
Belgian Museum of the theme song is "Our Song" is a Belgian famous pianist, composer Mar (Jean-Francois Maljean) for membership singer Shang Wenjie from Shanghai of China. The two music from Belgium and China Belgian Pavilion at the opening ceremony on 13th, invited by the King of Belgium, the first public performance of this song "in the ratio of Friendship"
Opt for the European market open arms to the Shang Wenjie
Besides invited by Belgian king to attend the World Expo, Shang Wenjie also received the French Consulate‘‘s invitation to take the post of “three language managements” for French World Expo music festival, the French consulate also specially invite Shang Wenjie to offer sings its brand-new “the Sino-UK law three languages”,  the fashionable electronic dance music "Miss Liankafu". It’s believe that Simultaneously broadcast live through the global media, this representative the Chinese white-collar crowd‘‘s high accomplishment singers will open the European market very quicklyThe language has brought the difficulty for the . country‘‘s person‘‘s exchange, but music is the non-national boundary, is humanity‘‘s common language. Looks like the performance in the Belgian hall, music has pulled closer between Chinese and people of the world‘‘s distance, deepened their mutual understanding and friendship. Shang Wenjie said she will continue to use her most sincere music to show Chinese people’s nice life and prosperity to the world. Subsequently, the World Expo Museum of Belgium officials also invited Shang Wenjie to the Belgium Pavilion. Master craftsmen from Belgium has also cooked warmly Belgian chocolate for Shang Wenjie and taken photographs with her
Introduction of Jean- Francois Maljean
Jean-Francois Maljean is from the music Kingdom of Belgium, graduated from Berkeley College of Music, is a popular pianist in Europe renowned for being the top ten contemporary music masters (including Yanni, still • Malone, Van Gillis, Kitaro, George • Winston, etc.), , is called supreme king. His piano is the elusive and addictive qualities, both classical gravity, but also jazz human touch. Every time that he can play the music of the essence, mesmerizing the audience, the most perfect art to enjoy. It can be said: He not only has fashion of Richard Clayderman, but also has Elton John’s gorgeous. He is a wonderful poet with a keyboard writing, he enjoy his songs.
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